Peace Corps Anticipation & Evacuation

A 15-year journey squashed in a matter of 48-hours by COVID-19

Warning: if you’re into well-constructed & logical narrative — turn back now!

  • 25%: Yeah but why would they send a white dude to do that?
  • 15%: Are you scared/nervous?
  • 5%: Why? I wouldn’t want to do that.
  • 5%: My grandma trying to convince me I’m a dumb idiot who is sabotaging my life.
On my Hollywood bullshit @ Warner Bros. Studios
My wonderful, fudgy, family

UPDATE: Arrived in Dakar, Senegal

I have officially arrived as of 2/24/2020. So far, after a drive to Milwaukee, a flight to Philadelphia (for three days of staging), a bus ride through New York to JFK, a flight to Brussels, and finally a flight to Dakar and bus ride to Thies…with four bags totaling 160 pounds strapped to my back.

Daily walk to my language/cultural class in Tivaouane
At the market —Thiès


Okay…so…I never pushed the “publish” button on this story or made final edits. For some reason, a little part of me was skeptical. With the way international affairs and the rise of the heath crises of COVID-19, I never became entirely comfortable that the world would allow me to serve 2.5 years in the Peace Corps without interruption…and I thought a partial story of joining Peace Corps wouldn’t be a story worth telling. Well…now I think it is.

My Pulaar Pals
With Fatimata —world’s greatest cultural/language facilitator!
My mom & sisters sharing some ‎Ceebu jën (Wolof) maaro e liddi (Pulaar) (fish & rice) with me — which is about 85% of the diet in Senegal.
Mama Sall!
Attaya! (courtesy of Bobby)
Home sweet home! — attempting to arrange sentences in amusing ways since ‘87 • Peace Corps // Mozilla // White House (44) // AmeriCorps • Oregon ❤ Wisconsin

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