TIME in the age of COVID-19

TIME is a fun one to think about right now — as many people are staying home and feeling like they have an excess of time. But, normally we put our heads down (nose to the grindstone) and complain about too few hours in a day to get everything done.

And, as the great philosopher Kanye once said: “Money ain’t real, time ain’t real”

Our relationship with time varies so much based on our age and our circumstance. A year ago, when I became old enough to drive — for the 2nd time — I sat with my perception of time for a long time to determine how it was changing.

I was living in Los Angeles and from my morning alarm going off, to my head hitting the pillow, I was active. Auditions, filming, video editing, working out, hiking, networking, classes, and more — all on opposite sides of one of the most sparse cities in the world. Life was moving quickly and there was little down time.

But, looking back, the first 16 years of my life felt like they took FOREVER .

Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert does an amazing job of explaining this perception on TED Radio Hour (Shifting Time) https://www.npr.org/2015/06/19/414997263/when-do-we-become-the-final-version-of-ourselves

So yes — as we age we are going to continue to perceive time as moving faster due solely to our accumulation of time and each second being a smaller percentage of our overall total experience (does that also make each additional second less significant and meaningful?!?). And yes — the (perceived) speeding of time is going to give me mega-FOMO. But…I’m going to force myself to stop & smell the roses. I think you all, in this terrible pandemic, where we have been given the gift of excess time, should consider doing the same — realizing we have been on an unrealistic treadmill of productivity and false-scarcity this entire time. Life doesn’t need to feel rushed.

BUT then, after enjoying the roses, I’m going to examine why my hair is running away from my face, wonder how my nose became so crooked, laugh at my shrinking neck, and revel in my lack of style.

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